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What is Joe's Blacklist?

Joe's Blacklist (JBL) is an organic directory listing resource for service providers and consumers listing other consumers and businesses who may owe monies to someone. The purpose of JBL is helping unite the public against those that choose not to pay their non-credit bearing debts to those they rightfully owe. Joe's Blacklist is about public awareness and public trust. It gives powerful intel to our registered users so they can make decisions of structuring payment terms, providing service or monetary assistance to those parties listed within our database.

What does my membership include?

We offer 3 membership plans and they vary in service offerings. You can view our plans by clicking on the menu item "Membership Plans".

How does Joe's Blacklist help me deal with non-paying customers?

Joe's Blacklist has a dispute resolution center to assist with recovery of monies. Based upon customer information provided, debtors are submitted to our debt recovery partner network which handles collection activity on the member's behalf.   We do not contact listed parties automatically without the member initiating a claim.

Does Joe's Blacklist report to credit bureaus?

No. We do not use credit bureaus and are not a credit reporting agency.

How do I dispute information?

As a registered member, you can dispute a claim against you by claiming the listed profile and selecting the review listed against you and clicking dispute. The person or business that filed the dispute is sent communication and has a specific timeline to respond to your dispute.

How does Joe's Blacklist use the information in its directory?

Joe's Blacklist allows our registered users to make discerning decisions about the people they choose to deal with in business based on business transaction data that may be listed about the person or company.

What are my membership options?

Please refer to our main menu and select membership plans.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes. We offer a 3 day no risk trial when you register for any plan.

Is Joe's Blacklist in my area?

Yes. Joe's Blacklist is in every area because we exist online to assist the public.

What happens when I add non-paying consumers to the list?

When a person or company is added to our list, our powerful database will index the data and then that information is made available to the world wide web (the internet) as public accessible data.

Can't Sign In

If you can not login, please check your login credentials to ensure you're entering the right data or reset your password by clicking "forgot my password". If all else fails, send us an email to and you will be contacted.

How do I cancel my membership?

We understand that cancellations can happen and wish to keep you as a customer. We would strongly encourage sending us an email to and you will contacted to discuss the circumstances surrounding your cancellation request.

How do I find out if I'm on the list?

In order to find out if you're on the list, you will need to signup for a membership. We offer a free 3 day trial which allows plenty of time to search our database for your name and others.

If I'm on the list, how do I get removed?

To be removed from the list, you will need to have an active membership with Joe's Blacklist. You can then click on the dispute button for each item that displays under your profile. The person who put the comments there will be contacted and Joe's Blacklist will mediate a settlement to close the dispute.

Why am I on the list?

If you're on our list with reviews, then you owe someone money. If you are simply listed with no comments/reviews then you have not been blacklisted.

Where does your list come from?

Our list are organically grown based upon data captured from many sources. 100% of our listings are community populated.